Let’s Find The Best Impact Technology

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Sphaera is curating what works around #ImpTech. Come explore the collection of ideas and approaches to put technology (and tech companies) in service of the public good and the change we seek. Sphaera’s CEO Astrid Scholz has put together an initial solutioning board, and is inviting change-agents to come create additional building blocks or solutions, and share them here for all …

COP21 Behind Us, Infinite Solutions Ahead

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Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about the potential of the Paris Agreement to usher in a new era of tackling climate change, the pragmatists among us are asking “What’s next?”.

The commitments made by over 190 states don’t yet add up to the 1.5C target proclaimed in Paris, and many commentators lament the lack of an enforceable implementation mechanism to help government achieve this target. There is also reinvigorated interest and hope for the role of the private sector, but realistically, given the short-termism brought on by corporate charters and structures, can we really expect companies to pivot effectively and lead the charge?