New partnership drives social change ecosystem

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Sphaera Solutions, a leader in social change enablement, and Induct™ have entered into an agreement whereby Sphaera and Induct will integrate their cloud-based platforms to create a novel social change innovation ecosystem.  

Sphaera and Induct’s shared goal is to accelerate the pace of social change by making an abundance of best practices and proven innovative solutions discoverable, reusable, and adaptable for funders and practitioners.

The partnership will create a searchable repository of best practices accessible by each of their clients. These practices consist of innovative solutions to problems developed by one organization that can easily be adapted and re-used by other organizations.   

Induct and Sphaera will help their clients to deploy online communities for managing the ideation and innovation process, and for the collaboration on, and development of new solutions to environmental and social problems around the world.

“We’ve looked carefully at the healthcare innovation management system that Induct has built with leading hospitals worldwide, and decided that we wanted to offer that same approach to our social sector clients,” said Astrid Scholz, CEO of Sphaera. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we are partnering to integrate our platforms. This allows us to build a world-class social change innovation ecosystem more quickly. The combined capability of our platforms allows our users to accelerate impact by reusing, adapting, and scaling proven solutions developed by their peers.”    

We are delighted to be working with Sphaera to build out a social change innovation ecosystem,” said Alf Martin Johansen, CEO of Induct. “We believe that a partnership with Sphaera will enable the same type of benefits that Induct is now delivering to hospitals world-wide that are part of our healthcare innovation ecosystem. These organizations are all trying to solve essentially the same set of problems. It makes perfect sense to share proven innovation solutions and best practices that have already been deployed by one organization successfully across multiple organizations.”

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