Job Titles for the New Economy

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In several recent online and in person conversations, I’ve found myself grasping for ways to describe the kinds of makers, creators, innovators, workers we’ll want in the economy and society we’ll need to build to live well in the 21st century. Here’s a partial list:

Relentless Collaborator. Community Quarterback. Peer Producer. Adventure Capitalist (HT Walter Isaacson). Ecosystem Servant. Neighborhood Economist (HT Kevindoylejones). Integration Engineer. Multicultural Merchant Banker (another HT Kevindoylejones). Decentralized Contract-or. Network Weaver. Network Platform Innovator (HT David Hodgson). Ecosystem Architect. Solution Broker. Adaptation Consultant.

And here is a vivid picture containing many more, illustrated by the fabulous John Hendrix for Ecotrust a while back.

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