Sphaera is a learning organization.

We work closely with our partners and clients to understand their goals, define a clear path towards achieving those goals, and constantly measure our progress.

Because we are building a platform for the social change industry, what we learn from our clients improves our ability to serve other practitioners. Conversely, what we learn from other practitioners benefits our clients. These feedback loops are at the heart of our agile process.

Services we provide

For Individuals

Public Solutions Hubs— Individual users get free and unlimited access to any of Sphaera’s public solution hubs. Here, they can share, discover, and remix solutions. See The Resilience Exchange, for an example. 

For Organizations and their Stakeholders

Branded solutions hub (public)— Curate solutions in your own public, branded portal, for brand recognition and custom online presence for your community of practitioners. Eventually connect your branded portal to other solution hubs,  reciprocating open-access to solutions and channels for collaboration.

“Walled garden” solutions hub (private)—This turnkey cloud-based internal knowledge management platform provides a secure way to share solutions within and/or across your organization or network.

Technology Partnerships— Centered around the use of our platform, we pilot working relationships with select clients to co-create a new infrastructure for the effective sharing & scaling of solutions, both internally and in service of the entire social change industry.


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Astrid Scholz - Chief Everything Officer @ajscholz

Astrid Scholz – Chief Everything Officer @ajscholz

Troy Oldroyd - CTO

Troy Oldroyd – CTO

Cameron Burgess - Strategy and Partnerships Lead @uncompromise

Cameron Burgess – Strategy and Partnerships Lead @uncompromise

Bryan Lehrer - Solutions Curator @bryanlehrer

Bryan Lehrer – Solutions Curator @bryanlehrer

Linzi Fedelin - Key Accounts and Training Lead @whatsalready

Linzi Fedelin – Key Accounts and Training Lead @whatsalready

Steve Wright -Practitioner in Residence for Education @conches

Steve Wright -Practitioner in Residence for Education @conches

Janae Futrell - Practitioner in Residence for Cities @JanaeFutrell

Janae Futrell – Practitioner in Residence for Cities @JanaeFutrell

Board of Advisors

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  • 2016 & Onwards

    We are currently growing network of solution hubs, allowing foundations and organizations to both serve up curated solutions that have been funded and implemented, as well as discover new solutions from other practitioners around the world.

    In 2016 and beyond, we will continuously iterate and evolve, rolling-out new features that improve user experience, facilitate collaboration, and advance our collective impact.

  • Late 2015

    Sphaera Solutions, Inc., the social enterprise that would carry the product forward, is launched.

  • Early 2015

    We launch our MVP (minimum viable product) which included a public community “portal” called the Resilience Exchange. The platform supported additional comunity portals as well. We also implemented a new and improved UX.

  • 2011

    Inspired by a convening of 50 bioregional organizations in 2011, Ecotrust brought together a group of social change organizations to imagine how we could work together more effectively to address the challenges of the 21st century, and how we might leverage the wealth of knowledge and experiences from their respective contexts and countries.

    For the next several years, an intrepid group of organizations—Ecotrust, Context Partners, Development Alternatives, Forest Trends, Grameen Foundation, Island Institute, Mercy Corps, Oxfam America, and the Rockefeller Foundation, and later joined by Blue Solutions—worked collaboratively to develop, design, and pilot what became the Solutioning Approach.

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